About Jenny

I am a play therapist by training, and a writer. In my previous work, I supported children and families with difficult stories. For years I worked in schools with vulnerable families, children who were in care or adopted, and school staff trying to make sense of the most challenging situations. Now, I write, mostly poetry, and help people to express what is in them; to write, to explore creatively.

My poetry is inspired by nature and the Earth, by women and womanhood, by my ancestors and heritage. I have been regularly published in the Earth Pathways Diary and recently won a commended in the Mothers’ Milk Books competition. I was commissioned to write a poem for use in the SPACES Gloucester  project. I have self-published a collection of poems.

I love to find the connecting threads through life’s experiences and to map these out into coherent narratives that help us understand where we have been, who we are now and where we are going.

In my writing I ponder and play with questions of identity and belonging, health and wellness, connection to people and place, and the interplay between past and present. I am fascinated by the role of creativity in healing.

I blog living with challenges, musings on creativity, explorations of identity and spirituality, and occasional drafts of new poems.