Living Well, Unwell

How do we find wholeness when faced with illness that limits our lives? Share and explore this journey together using creative tools and activities to map our experiences and uncover treasure.

For those living with chronic / ongoing illness.

“Nourishing and gentle” (participant)

Writing the Journey: stories of motherhood

A safe, structured small group for mothers, where we’ll use creative exercise to tell and honour the life-changing experiences of pregancy, birth and beyond.

‘delicious day, yummy exercises, inspiring resources, all gently and safely held” (Carol)

Writing the Journey: stories of womanhood

First blood, first love, being mother, not being mother, pain, joy, scars…what stories would the book of our life contain? Stories of us as women, of becoming women, of living this life in our female bodies…Use creative exercises to begin to map out the stories which our bodies carry that are asking to be told. 

“showed me something I didn’t know was there..” (Hannah)

Writing Retreat

Sped the day in a safe and accepting space, tailored to facilitate your creativity. Explore ideas, overcome blocks…and write, write, write…

“uplifting, fun, genuinely creative” (Sally)

“lovely intimate vibe” (George)

Writer’s Studio

A warm, facilitated environment in which to write, share and discuss. Develop a consistent writing practice with the support of the group.